About Us

ZINNOT, Zest of Innovative Technologies.
Our abiding passion is to introduce high quality and innovative products to Malaysian. We would like to provide a channel and platform for Malaysian to enjoy the astonishing creations from the great people all over the world.
At the early establishment of ZINNOT, we became the authenticated distributor of UGEARS (wooden mechanical puzzle) from Ukraine and Time For Machine (stainless steel mechanical puzzle) from Ukraine.

UGEARS from Ukraine, is self-propelled wooden mechanical puzzle which can be assembled without glue. After completion of assembling, it can be mechanically moved without using the battery. The amazing part is you able to watch the movement of gears and how the gears trigger each other to move. We, as UGEARS Malaysia, the main distributor of UGEARS have imported the UGEARS models into Malaysia, so that we could have the chance to experience the UGEARS too.

Time For Machine (T4M) models are 3D mechanical puzzle, which made of polished stainless steel. By following the instruction manual, step-by-step, you will able to output the incredible pretty, delicate, mechanical model, surely you will fascinated with it.

T4M are a large (and growing!) team of passionate professionals with a desire to bring the joy of building beautiful models to people all around the world. Since 2017, we’ve been designing and creating the most intricate and elegant model kits that our imagination and hard work could bring to life. Our CEO and founder, Denis Okhrimenko, has been an industry innovator and trend-setter for many years.

Time For Machine model kits are designed in Ukraine, manufactured in Poland and China and distributed to wholesale vendors in the United States, the EU, China and an expanding list of other regions.

Proudly announce that, we are UGEARS Malaysia. We are Time For Machine (T4M) Malaysia.