About Us

ZINNOT, Zest of Innovative Technologies.
Our abiding passion is to introduce high quality and innovative products to Malaysian. We would like to provide a channel and platform for Malaysian to enjoy the astonishing creations from the great people all over the world.
At the early establishment of ZINNOT, we became the dealer of UGEARS from Ukraine, Kokomu from Taiwan and Cuckoo-clock from Black Forest Germany.

UGEARS from Ukraine, is self-propelled wooden mechanical puzzle which can be assembled without glue. After completion of assembling, it can be mechanically moved without using the battery. The amazing part is you able to watch the movement of gears and how the gears trigger each other to move. We, as UGEARS Malaysia, the main distributor of UGEARS have imported the UGEARS models into Malaysia, so that we could have the chance to experience the UGEARS too.

Kokomu from Taiwan produces high quality wooden DIY music box. You will enjoy the process of putting on the pieces together and output your DIY music box. You may color it if you like to. Kokomu will be a lovely present or good parent-children relationship enhancement educational toys.

Besides, we appreciate the talented people who persue after their dreams. We provided a platform for them to exhibit their outputs. This will be the platform for you to get your desired, unique, and customized products.
We are merely ordinary people but we insisted on strengthening our hobbies during our free hours and we have a hope to be appreciated, to be recognized. If you appreciate and recognize our artwork, please support us. We will try our best to output your customization products based on your requirement. Kindly need your help to share too.
If you are interested in being part of us, you are welcome to join us.

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ZINNOT 为 Zest of Innovative Technologies 的缩写。我们持着的宗旨就是为马来西亚人提供高质量、创新的产品。让马来西亚人也可以与时并进的享用到世界各地有才人士的发明及创意。我们是一些优质产品的马来西亚代理商,其中包括了乌克兰的木质机械积木 UGEARS、来自台湾的敲敲木 DIY 音乐盒、来自德国黑森林的布谷鸟钟。

UGEARS 来自乌克兰,是木制机械积木。在组装过程中,不需要使用糨糊,他们使用的是巧妙的设计让每一块不同形状的木结合在一起。除了精致的成品模型,更让人着迷的是,完成组装后的模型是可移动的,你可以看到齿轮的运作原理与设计,是非常精致、独特的创作。这些模型可上发条,橡皮筋为主要的动力能源,是一个非常富教育性的特别积木。我们是UGEARS 马来西亚的批发商,希望能带给你不一样的视野。

Kokomu 敲敲木来自台湾。主要推出的产品是 DIY 的木质音乐盒。这系列的产品设计可爱简单,选用高质量的音乐曲轴以确保客户的满意度。除了送礼,这系列的产品也适合作为教育的亲子活动,里面附带了小锥子,会让小孩子觉得特别有趣。这是培育小孩子动手做东西的明智选择。

此外,我们珍惜有才华又想在繁华世界中维护他们小小梦想的人们。我们 ZINNOT 这里提供了一个平台来展示他们曾经的作品。这里也是大家可以购买到独特、定制化的独一产品的平台。