Here is the background introduction on the brand/product/services that provided by us.


Introduction OF KOKOMU

In 1969, Puli, Nantou flourished with forestry and logging industries. More than 450 wooden factories have been established. “Hai Shan handicraft workshop”, which founders were Shih three-brothers, was one of them. Most of the manufactured products in Hai Shan handicraft workshop were for export purpose. The main products were Christmas ornaments, e.g. Weihnachts pyramid, Germany “smoker”, Nutcracker, wooden music boxes and etc.

Kokomu DIY wooden music box 敲敲木 木制音乐盒


Introduction OF UGEARS

UGEARS, Ukrainian Gears, is eye-catching and imaginative self-propelled wooden mechanical puzzle that can be assembled without using glue, and it can be mechanically move without the help of battery.